One thing you should take from this is NEVER fuck someone over just because you are on the internet, you would be surprised with what people are capable of and how much of you they can expose but choose not to, Just remember this going forward Friend.



We Are Fags!

Meet my Fag team

It includes a skinny little bitch boi who aspires to be his cousin and will forever live in his shadow

Then we got a plastic paddy from the north (That means he is a big man) who would backstab his own brother for financial gain!

Little Ro-Ro

I Cried once in a skype call after someone disagreed with my point,Not like they have valid points or anything.

Skinny weasel

"My oul lad"

I will forever live in the shadow of my cousin

Nordy No life

"I love encouraging kids to love the RA"

Sometimes i forget how to count the gears on my bike so i bought a gear counter....not only old people need them!

Paulo lutini

Like a hidden beast in the night i will attach myself to the bigger group, loyalty has no place here!