My Fav!

My Life,

As a guy in my early twenties it may be considered weird for me to have a sexual attraction to these animated characters....i hate the stigma attached to it but i am who i am and i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT...!!! i don't care what "Normal people think...why should i...i am who i am ;*

This is me!

This is as much of myself that i am willing to show....For now!

People called me names like "Four Eyes,Pizza face,a spineless wimp,a little bi*ch Boi, a cry baby" The list goes on and on but i don't let it bother me....well at least not all the time, sometimes its nice to just cry it out to get all the negativity out of you.


"I dont have one yet"

I Have never drove a bike but i watch ALOT of moto-vloggers so that makes me pretty much an experet, i plan to get a bike in the coming years i want to start off with a 750cc or 1000cc because i know what im doing when it comes to riding, i got a nice cheap helmet and jacket (I dont plan on falling off) so it dosent matter if the quality of my gear is very poor.

Other Stuff!

"I love photography so much!!!"

Here is a pick of a flower i took 🙂 i love it, i also put in my new record for running 3.27KM New PB for me and im so happy with it